This session includes documents concerning the following regulatory subjects:
GTR No. 1 Door Locks and Door Retention Components GTR 0001
UN R4 Illumination of rear-registration plates of motor vehicles and their trailers UN Regulation UNR 0004
UN R6 Direction Indicators UN Regulation UNR 0006
UN R7 Position, Stop and End-outline Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0007
UN R14 Safety-Belt and ISOFIX Anchorages UN Regulation UNR 0014
UN R16 Safety belts and related systems UN Regulation UNR 0016
UN R19 Front Fog Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0019
UN R23 Reversing Lights UN Regulation UNR 0023
UN R30 Pneumatic Tires UN Regulation UNR 0030
UN R38 Rear Fog Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0038
UN R48 Installation of Lighting and Lighting-Signalling Equipment UN Regulation UNR 0048
UN R49 Diesel and CNG/LNG Engine Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0049
UN R50 Position and Indicator Lamps for Motorcycles UN Regulation UNR 0050
UN R51 Vehicle Noise Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0051
UN R54 Commercial Vehicle Tyres UN Regulation UNR 0054
UN R55 Mechanical Coupling Components UN Regulation UNR 0055
UN R77 Parking Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0077
UN R80 Seat Strength and Seat Anchorages for Large Passenger Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0080
UN R83 Motor Vehicle Emissions UN Regulation UNR 0083
UN R87 Daytime Running Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0087
UN R91 Side-Marker Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0091
UN R98 Headlamps Equipped with Gas-discharge Light Sources UN Regulation UNR 0098
UN R106 Tires for Agricultural Vehicles UN Regulation UNR 0106
UN R112 Headlamps Emitting an Asymmetrical Passing Beam UN Regulation UNR 0112
UN R113 Symmetrical Beam Headlamps of Filament, Gas-discharge, or LED Type UN Regulation UNR 0113
UN R119 Cornering Lamps UN Regulation UNR 0119
UN R123 Adaptive Front-lighting Systems UN Regulation UNR 0123
GTR No. 15 Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Emissions Test Procedure GTR 0015
UN R143 Heavy-Duty Dual Fuel Retrofit Systems UN Regulation UNR 0143
UN R0 International Whole Vehicle Type Approval System (IWVTA) UN Regulation UNR 0000
Database for the Exchange of Type Approval Documentation DETA
1998 Global Agreement 1998 Agreement
UN R129 Enhanced Child Restraint Systems UN Regulation UNR 0129
1997 Agreement on Periodical Technical Inspections 1997 Agreement
1958 Agreement 1958 Agreement
Electric Vehicle Environmental Performance Electric Vehicles & the Environment
UN Rule No. 2 Vehicle Inspections: Roadworthiness Rule 0002
UN Rule No. 1 Vehicle Inspections: Environmental Protection Rule 0001
Automated Driving Systems Automated Driving
Vehicle Inspection Testing Equipment Regulatory Project PTI Testing Equipment
Skills and Training for Vehicle Technical Inspectors Regulatory Project PTI Training
Supervision of Vehicle Inspection Test Centers Regulatory Project PTI Test Centers
GTR No. 19 Motor vehicle evaporative emissions GTR 0019
GTR No. 20 Electric Vehicle Safety GTR 0020
UN Rule No. 3 Technical Inspection of Vehicles powered by Natural Gas Rule 0003
UN Rule No. 4 Safety inspection requirements for hybrid and electric vehicles Rule 0004
PTI Tampering Detection PTI Anti-Tampering