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Latest Documents
21 Jun 2012 Agenda for the 1st TEGWS session WS-07-02
21 Jun 2012 Terms of Reference for the WorldSID Technical Evaluation Group (TEGWS) WS-07-03
21 Jun 2012 OSRP WorldSID 5th Status Report WS-07-04
21 Jun 2012 Update on the WorldSID injury risk curves WS-07-05
21 Jun 2012 Status of NHTSA's evaluation of WorldSID ATD's WS-07-07
21 Jun 2012 NHTSA WorldSID testing status report WS-07-08
21 Jun 2012 EC WorldSID 5th female work programme WS-07-09
21 Jun 2012 WorldSID 5th dummy: Static oblique loading WS-07-10
21 Jun 2012 Pole crash tests with WorldSID 50th dummy: Comparison of 2D IRTRACC to Chestband Displacements WS-07-11
21 Jun 2012 Oblique Testing with WorldSID, ES2‐re, and PMHS WS-07-12
21 Jun 2012 Evaluation of WorldSID: Assessment of pelvic injuries WS-07-13
21 Jun 2012 WorldSID 50th percentile dummy: Data acquisition system-Open source specification WS-07-14
20 Jun 2012 Draft agenda for the 7th WorldSID informal group meeting WS-07-01