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(Latest 7 April 2022)
23 November 2021 ADS safety: Input concerning scenario specifications (CLEPA and OICA) FRAV-21-08
FRAV-21-08 2021-11-23
30 November 2021 Introductory slides for the 20th VMAD Scenarios (SG1) subgroup session VMAD-SG1-20-02
VMAD-SG1-20-02 2021-11-30
30 November 2021 Comparison of VMAD and SG1 versions of the 2nd iteration of NATM Master Document VMAD-SG1-20-03
VMAD-SG1-20-03 2021-11-30
1 December 2021 ADS safety: FRAV and VMAD SG1 collaboration status VMAD-SG1-20-04
VMAD-SG1-20-04 2021-12-01
30 November 2021 ADS safety: ODD-based Scenario Framework (CLEPA and OICA) VMAD-SG1-20-05
VMAD-SG1-20-05 2021-11-30