Session 177 | Geneva | 11-15 Mar 2019
UN R48: Proposal for Supplement 13 to the 05 series of amendments
17 Jan 2019 World Forum Formal Documents Simplification of Lighting Regulations SLR To be determined. Installation of Lighting and Lighting-Signalling Equipment Installation of Lighting Uniform Provisions Concerning the Approval of Vehicles with regard to the Installation of Lighting and Light-signalling Devices Revised proposal (for the March 2018 WP.29 session) to introduce references to the three new simplified Regulations (Light-Signalling Devices (LSD), Road Illumination Devices (RID) and Retro-Reflective Devices (RRD)) into the 05 series of Regulation No. 48. WP.29/2018/0100/Rev.1