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Working Party on Noise and Tyres (GRBP)

This page provides access to the documents and meetings of the Working Party on Noise & Tyres.
The next GRBP session will be held during 7-9 Sep 2020.

GRBP was established in 2018 with the transfer of responsibility for tyre regulations from GRRF (as part of the conversion of GRRF into GRVA). GRBP decided to maintain the GRB session numbering despite the name change such that the first GRBP session is number 69. GRB session 68 included discussion of tyre issues.

Click here to see the previous GRB sessions (i.e., sessions prior to the name change).

Click here for more information about the Working Party on Noise and Tyres.
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Access all 80 GRBP documents in the GAR database.

France notified the United Nations of its application of UN Regulations Nos. 9, 42, 76, 88, and 92 on 11 March. These regulations will enter into force for France on 10 May 2020.

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