Groups reporting to GRPE
Please note that some groups may no longer be active.
A-LCA Automotive Life Cycle Assessment Next session: 17-18 Oct
EFV Informal Group on Environmentally Friendly Vehicles Last session: June 2011
EPPR Environmental and Propulsion Performance Requirements for L-category Vehicles Next session: 30-31 Oct
EVE Electric Vehicles and the Environment Next session: 11-12 Oct
FQ Informal Working Group on Fuel Quality Last session: June 2010
GFV Informal Group on Gaseous Fueled Vehicles Last session: June 2016
H2SGE Subgroup on Environment of the HFCV Informal Group Last session: June 2010
HDH Informal Group on Heavy-Duty Hybrids Last session: March 2016
MACTP Mobile Air-Conditioning Test Procedure Informal Group Last session: June 2012
PMP Particle Measurement Programme Last session: September 2023
RDE Informal Working Group on Real Driving Emissions Last session: January 2021
REC Informal Working Group on Retrofit Emission Control Devices Last session: January 2014
TF-AVRS GRPE Automated Vehicle Regulations Screening Last session: May 2023
VIAQ Vehicle Interior Air Quality Last session: May 2023
VPSD Informal Working Group on Vehicle Propulsion System Definitions Last session: February 2015
WLTP Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Emissions Test Procedure Last session: June 2020