Letter of transmission for the final BASt report on replacement catalytic converters
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Reference Number: GRPE-71-09
Origin: BASt
Date: 4 June 2015
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GRPE-71-08 | Final BASt report on replacement catalytic converters
Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 71 | 9-12 Jun 2015

11. The expert from Germany presented a report (GRPE-71-08) by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) of the study undertaken by Germany on the performance and the durability of replacement catalytic converters. On the basis of the findings of the study he explained that the performance of these converters was very variable and, therefore, UN Regulation No. 103 may need to be amended to limit these performance variations. He recommended keeping this issue under close surveillance and offered to prepare a proposal as early as possible (GRPE-71-09).

12. The expert from AECC stressed the importance of durability requirements for all replacement components and expressed his readiness to cooperate in this project.

13. The Chair of GRPE recalled the importance of this issue and the need for action. He invited all stakeholders to share their data and contribute to the process.