Proposal for amendments to the draft Amendment 3 to GTR No. 4
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Proposal to align the draft Amendment with the harmonized terminology and definitions developed by the informal group on Vehicle Propulsion System Definitions.

Reference Number: GRPE-70-18
Origin: OICA
Date: 14 January 2015
Proposal Status: Informal GR review
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VPSD-05-07/Rev.2 | Updated VPSD revisions to the draft amendment to GTR No. 4 concerning heavy-duty hybrids: Revision 2
Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 70 | 13-16 Jan 2015

42. The Chair of the IWG on VPSD informed GRPE about the outcome of the fifth session of the group. He presented (GRPE-70-21) proposing a new Mutual Resolution (M.R.2) containing an explanatory chapter and a chapter with vehicle propulsion system definitions. The proposal received some comments. GRPE requested the secretariat to distribute GRPE-70-21 with an official symbol at its June 2015 session.

43. The Chair of the IWG on GFV proposed to insert in the VPSD outcome the definitions that would emerge from his group on dual fuelled vehicles.

44. GRPE agreed to defer consideration of GRPE-70-18.

45. GRPE acknowledged the progress made by the group and noted that no meeting would be scheduled during the GRPE week in June 2015.