Consolidated version of the proposals to amend UN Regulation No. 49
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Consolidation of documents GRPE/2015/3 (proposal to adapt requirements to the current technology and to transpose the latest decisions of the European Union (EU) regarding on-board diagnosis (OBD) threshold limits) and GRPE-70-06 (concerning transition provisions and reagent consumption monitoring methods).

Reference Number: GRPE-70-07/Rev.1
Origin: OICA
Date: 15 January 2015
Proposal Status: Superseded
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GRPE-70-06/Rev.1 | Proposal to amend the draft proposal for amendments to UN Regulation No. 49
GRPE-70-24 | Introduction to the proposed OBD requirements update to UN Regulation No. 49
GRPE/2015/3 | Proposal for amendments to Regulation No. 49
WP.29/2015/55 | Proposal for Supplement 3 to the 06 series of amendments to Regulation No. 49
Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 70 | 13-16 Jan 2015

21. The expert from OICA presented (GRPE-70-24) the proposal contained in ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2015/3 adapting the text of the Regulation to the current state of technology and transposing the latest decisions of the EU on OBD Threshold Limits (OBD OTLs). He also introduced minor corrections. GRPE agreed with the proposal as corrected and introduced amendments (GRPE-70-06-Rev.1). The consolidated proposal was provided by the expert of OICA (GRPE-70-07-Rev.1) GRPE adopted ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRPE/2015/3 as amended by Annex V to this report and requested the secretariat to submit it to WP.29 and AC.1, for consideration and vote at their June 2015 sessions as draft Supplement 3 to 06 series of amendments to Regulation No. 49.