Proposal for Supplement 4 to the 01 series of amendments to Regulation No. 43
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Proposal of the Informal Group on Plastic Glazing (IGPG) as approved by the GRSG to introduce new provisions for windscreens and for laminated plastic panes other than windscreens.

Reference Number: WP.29/2015/11
Date: 23 December 2014
Proposal Status: Adopted text published
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World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 165 | 10-13 Mar 2015

59. The representative of AGC Glass Europe expressed his concern on the number of test cycles for plastic glazing in item 4.8.1, Regulation No. 43, and the standard deviation of the measured delta haze. He proposed that GRSG extend the mandate of the IWG on Plastic Glazing to further consider these issues. The representative of OICA expressed his view that the amendments had thoroughly been considered by the IWG. The Chair of GRSG offered to revisit, at the forthcoming session of GRSG the concerns raised by AGC Glass Europe on Regulation No. 43 and, if necessary, to extend the mandate of the IWG. The representative of Germany endorsed the proposed procedure.