Document GRSP-56-21
Clarification of test methods for active devices in pedestrian protection
Submitted by Korea

Request for clarification of test procedures for active pedestrian protection devices (such as active hood, pedestrian airbag).

Discussions and Outcomes
58th GRSP session (8-11 Dec 2015)

10. The experts from the Republic of Korea and OICA introduced a proposal of amendments to UN GTR (GRSP-58-31), to incorporate provisions for active deployable systems in the bonnet area. The expert from OICA clarified that the proposal aimed to use a well-established procedure that had been presented several years ago and that had been recommended to Contracting Parties (CPs) for consideration. The Chair of GRSP informed the Group that he would be able to provide some NHTSA research information on pedestrian safety active systems at the national level to GRSP at its May 2016 session.

11. GRSP agreed to resume consideration on these matters at its May 2016 session and to keep GRSP-58-31 as an informal document for further development.

57th GRSP session (18-22 May 2015)

7. Referring to his presentation (GRSP-56-21) given during the December 2014 session of GRSP, the expert from the Republic of Korea reiterated the issue of the lack of provisions concerning tests of active devices to further improve vehicle performances. The expert from OICA informed GRSP that recommendations and guidelines addressing technical services for testing active safety bonnets was provided by a paper (INF GR/PS/141 Rev.1) of the former IWG.

8. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on this topic at its December 2015 session and invited the experts of Korea and OICA to continue their exchange of views on a possible draft amendment to the UN GTR and on a draft request for authorization by AC.3 to develop it. Finally, GRSP agreed to seek the endorsement of WP.29 and AC.3 to their June 2015 sessions to extend the mandate of the IWG until December 2016.

56th GRSP session (9-12 Dec 2014)

10. Finally, the expert from the Republic of Korea introduced GRSP-56-21 for information only. He explained that pedestrian safety was a relevant road safety issue in his country, causing more than 2000 casualties each year and stated the availability of his delegation to prepare proposals concerning tests of active devices to further improve vehicle performances.