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WLTP: Number of tests (Open issue item 27)
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Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Emissions Test Procedure | Session 8 | 18-20 Nov 2014

#27: Number of tests:
Proposal of JPN (WLTP-08-31e) was outlined by T. Fujiwara and compared with the EU proposal (WLTP-08-43e), introduced by O. Eberhardt. WLTP IWG asked for further clarification of the Japanese proposal. A major point of discussion was related to the separation of CO2 / pollutants in connection with the question whether a declared or measured CO2 value will be used. EU was requested to clarify the future situation in EU legislation regarding the declaration of the CO2 value and give feedback to TF leader T. Fujiwara.

TF leader T. Fujiwara will convene experts to prepare a status document, which summarizes the situation (advantages/disadvantages of approaches), and develop a harmonized gtr draft text.

Reference Number: WLTP-08-31
Origin: Japan
Date: 10 November 2014
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