Report on WLTP GTR draft issues
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Reference Number: WLTP-08-40
Date: 6 November 2014
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Drafting issues:
Chair introduced the process of amending the gtr text and announced to schedule a drafting meeting. Report (WLTP-08-40e) was given by S. Dubuc.

WLTP IWG received several comments from JPN, T&E and OICA members on the expert proposals in the current gtr draft (WLTP-08-04e) which were foreseen to be adopted by written procedure with deadline 31.10.2015. B. Coleman suggested to schedule drafting team meetings to have a peer review of the complete gtr draft. WLTP IWG concluded that a Drafting TF shall deal with the open points regarding expert proposals (editorial stuff, minor technical amendments, etc.) and conduct a peer review of the complete gtr. Drafting meetings to be arranged by the Drafting Coordinator. Brief introduction of new Expert Proposals to be adopted by written procedure will be in drafting taskforce if needed. Schedule for drafting taskforce will be established by Chair until 12/2014.

Chair clarified that all amendments from Drafting task force still need to be adopted formally by WLTP IWG later on. More fundamental issues need to be reported separately to WLTP IWG and will be added as separate discussions points to an IWG agenda, if necessary.

Indication of temperatures (°C / K, “273[.15] K”) has to be consistent within the gtr. Systematic approach will be developed by expert group (M. Bergmann, A. Feucht) and submitted to the WLTP IWG. To ensure consistency with other gtr’s, Chair will inform other GRPE IWGs, e.g. EPPR, by progress report in January GRPE.