Defect investigation on panoramic sunroofs in Korea
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Presentation on Korean investigations that identify certain conditions under which ceramic printing (black enamel) weakens toughened glass such that the glass no longer meets the mechanical strength requirements of GTR 6, UN R43 or FMVSS 205. Korea proposes amending the UN glazing regulations.

Reference Number: GRSG-106-21
Origin: KATRI
Date: 2 May 2014
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Working Party on General Safety | Session 106 | 5-9 May 2014

23. Referring to the discussion at the March 2014 session of WP.29 (GRSG-106-04), the expert from the Republic of Korea gave a presentation on the result of a national investigation on defects of panoramic sunroofs (GRSG-106-21). In this respect, he proposed an amendment to Global Technical Regulation (GTR) No. 6 on glazing (GRSG-106-10). GRSG noted a number of comments and concerns that the amendments to the drop test were not appropriate. The experts from Canada and Germany were of the opinion that further amendments to the GTR were necessary. Following the discussion, GRSG agreed to keep GRSG-106-10 on the agenda and to resume consideration of this subject at its next session. The Chair invited all experts to send, in the meantime, their comments to the expert from the Republic of Korea (e-mail: He also invited the experts from Germany and the Republic of Korea to jointly prepare a concrete proposal.