Proposal for draft amendments to Regulation No. 39
Document GRSG-106-06
9 April 2014

Proposal to include odometers within the scope of Regulation No. 39 (as an alternative to the proposal in document GRSG-104-14 to develop a new regulation on the installation and performance of odometers).

Submitted by Belgium
Status: Superseded
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
4. | Regulation No. 39 (Speedometer)

10. The expert from Belgium introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/2014/32, proposing new requirements for odometers into UN Regulation No. 39. She presented GRSG-107-29-Rev.1 amending her proposal to include the comments received by the expert from OICA (GRSG-107-20). GRSG supported in principle the proposal. However, there was a general agreement among experts that the mandatory fitting of odometers should be completed by transitional provisions, anti-tampering requirements and type approval markings. GRSG agreed to resume consideration on this subject at its May 2015 session on the basis of a revised proposal from the expert of Belgium and on a proposal of transitional provisions from the experts of OICA and IMMA.

13. | Need to develop a new Regulation on odometer equipment

42. Recalling the discussion at the previous session of GRSG, the expert from Belgium gave a presentation (GRSG-106-36) on the need to set up new provisions on the odometer. He introduced GRSG-106-06 proposing draft amendments to be included into UN Regulation No. 39 on speedometers. The expert from FIA gave a demonstration on the easy manipulation of modern odometers (GRSG-106-37). He stressed the urgent need to set up anti-tampering measures for odometers. A number of experts were of the opinion that WP.29 should even develop some periodical technical inspection requirements for insertion into UN Rule No. 2 annexed to the 1997 Agreement.

43. GRSG welcomed the proposal by Belgium. GRSG noted general support but a number of Contracting Parties requested that the proposed amendments shall be supplemented with provisions for the mandatory installation of odometer on vehicles, including anti-tampering test requirements and transitional provisions. GRSG agreed to resume consideration of this subject at its next session in October 2014 on the basis of new proposal by Belgium, taking into account the comments received.

14. (c) | Proposal for new provisions with regard to odometer equipment

48. The expert from Belgium proposed to develop new provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to the odometer equipment and its installation (GRSG-104-14). GRSG noted a number of comments and concerns, as this subject seemed to be linked to consumer protection rather than to safety issues. The expert from Japan stated that in his country, only the presence of an odometer was regulated, without any performance requirements. Following the discussion, GRSG preferred to resume consideration at its next session in October 2013, on the basis of a concrete proposal by Belgium.

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