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FVA: Draft proposal for a new UN Regulation
Document GRSG-125-28
24 March 2023

Draft proposal from the FVA informal group for a new UN Regulation on uniform technical provisions concerning the approval of a vehicle with regard to its Field of Vision Assistant (FVA).

Status: Superseded
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25. The expert from the Netherlands on behalf of IWG on Field of Vision Assistant (FVA) of Drivers, introduced the IWG status report (GRSG-125-27-Rev.1) and requested an extension of the IWG mandate. He also introduced a draft new UN Regulation on FVA (GRSG-125-28) for all vehicle categories in the frame of the process of splitting UN Regulation No. 125 into two separate UN Regulations. He also explained that the new UN Regulation would aim to limit distraction of the driver. The experts from Finland, France, Germany and Sweden endorsed the cautious approach on “non-driving related information”.

26. GRSG recommended that the opinion of experts and relevant inputs concerning GRSG-125-28 be submitted to the next IWG meetings planned for 25 April and 6 June 2023 (the June meeting is to be held in person). Finally, GRSG agreed on an extension of the IWG mandate until April 2024, pending endorsement of WP.29 at its June 2023 session.

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