Automated Vehicles Regulatory Screening of UN Regulations and GTRs-Guidance
Document GRVA-14-56
30 September 2022
Submitted by OICA
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4. (e) | Coordination of work on automation between working parties (GRs)

55. GRVA discussed GRVA-14-54, prepared by the Secretary on the basis of input received, and proposing guidance to the GRs dealing with the screening of UN Regulations and UN GTRs. The proposal received comments from the experts from China, France (GRVA-14-53), Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the Russian Federation as well as from OICA (GRVA-14-56). GRVA confirmed that ALKS was not in the scope of this screening. GRVA endorsed GRVA-14-54/Rev.1 with guidance for the experts from all GRs, involved in these activities. GRVA requested the Chair to inform AC.2 about this coordination between the GRs.

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