Document GRVA-14-27
UN R140: Proposal for amendments
Status: Superseded
Submitted by OICA

Proposal for a provision to address use of a steering robot with mechanical power greater than 1200 W to enable testing of certain direct (low) steering gear ratio systems due to the given 0.7 Hz sine frequency.

Discussions and Outcomes
15th GRVA session (23-27 Jan)
14th GRVA session (26-30 Sep 2022)

93. The expert from OICA presented GRVA-14-30, introducing GRVA-14-27 with amendments to UN Regulation No. 140 clarifying testing procedures for low gear steering. The expert from Canada noted the figures proposed for the steering robot mechanical power in the proposal and asked if OICA could share data supporting them. The expert from France expressed interest for the proposal, mentioned supporting material in ISO standards dealing with such testing conditions that could serve as a reference and required more time to study the proposal

95. GRVA agreed to keep GRVA-13-23, GRVA-13-39 and GRVA-14-27 on electronic stability control on the agenda for its next session.