UN R165: Proposal for Supplement 1
Document GRBP/2022/24
27 June 2022

Proposal to amend the provisions for a pause function for reversing warning systems with the aim to comply with the national environmental (noise) restrictions.

Submitted by UK
Status: Formal GR review
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5. | Draft UN Regulation on reverse warning sound

32. The expert from the United Kingdom proposed to extend the installation of a pause function to situations where national time-based restrictions apply, irrespective of a rear visibility device being fitted (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRBP/2022/24 and GRBP-76-07-Rev.1). The experts from France, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation and OICA commented on the proposal. GRBP invited the expert from the United Kingdom to liaise with these experts with the aim to prepare a revised proposal for consideration at the next session.

4.12.1. | Proposal for a new UN Regulation on Reverse Warning

137. The Chair of GRBP presented a draft new UN Regulation on reverse warning (agenda item 4.12.1). The World Forum considered this proposal and recommended its submission to AC.1 for voting.

138. The representative of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, while recognizing the importance of the above draft new UN Regulation for safety, pointed out that his delegation would not be in a position to vote in favour of it, because of its incompatibility with the applicable national restrictions on reversing alarms during night hours (WP.29-187-11). He proposed to extend the pause function foreseen by the new Regulation to also cover such national restrictions and presented further amendments to this extent (WP.29-187-12).

139. The World Forum took note of WP.29-187-11 and WP.29-187-12 and invited United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to submit them for consideration to the next GRBP session in September 2022.

140. The WP.29 Secretary reminded the delegation of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that their decision not to apply the new Regulation in its original form should be notified to the Office of Legal Affairs in New York (Article 1, para. 4 of the 1958 Agreement).

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