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Comments on GRSG-122-16
Document VRU-Proxi-21-03
20 November 2021
Submitted by OICA
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4. | Awareness of the proximity of Vulnerable Road Users

29. The expert from Japan, on behalf of the IWG on awareness of Vulnerable Road Users proximity in low-speed manoeuvres (VRU-Proxi), introduced GRSG-122-19 (an explanation of document GRSG-122-16) a new regulation proposal on uniform provisions concerning the approval of devices and motor vehicles regarding the driver’s awareness of vulnerable road users existing front and lateral side proximity of vehicles. He explained the aim of the proposal, was to combine the effectiveness of various detection systems to mitigate the road traffic fatalities by improving the detection of pedestrians using the different systems.

30. The expert from OICA referring to document GRSG-122-19, said the presentation didn’t include data on pedestrian accidents caused by L category vehicles and asked if all pedestrian accidents in Japan only involved M1 and N1 vehicles. She also questioned the minimum age of pedestrians in the report, which was pegged at 5 years old stating pedestrians less than 5 years were not included in the report. The expert from Japan explained the focus of his presentation only included pedestrian fatalities caused by L category vehicles. He further explained the reason for the 5 years age limit is pedestrians below this age, are mostly accompanied by adults.

31. GRSG considered GRSG-122-16 and GRSG-122-19 and requested its submission as an official document for the 123rd session of GRSG.

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