UN R53: Proposal for Supplement to 01 series of amendments
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Prepared by IWG SLR with the aim to introduce references to the headlamp Classes in the 01 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 149.

Reference Number: GRE-84-07
Date: 6 April 2021
Proposal Status: Informal GR review
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Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 84 | 26-30 Apr 2021

16. The experts of IWG presented draft proposals for Supplements to different series of amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 48, 53, 74 and 86 (GRE-84-05, GRE-84-06, GRE-84-07, GRE-84-08, GRE-84-09, GRE-84-10). Following a brief exchange of views, GRE invited all experts to provide comments to IWG SLR and requested IWG SLR to finalize the proposals as working documents for the next GRE session.