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UN R 83: Response to proposal for 08 Series of amendments
Document GRPE-82-16
8 January 2021

Proposal suggests that 2 new series of amendments are necessary: 83.08 to cover ISC for the WLTP Test and 83.09 to add ISC for the new UNR „RDE“ (which also has no ISC requirements) because Contracting Parties should be free to apply UNR 154 and UNR "RDE“, each with or without ISC without connection
A Contracting Party applying UNR 154 and UNR 83.08 but not UNR "RDE“ would be obliged to conduct or at least monitor RDE ISC in the absence of 83.09

Submitted by OICA
Status: GR information
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14. | Priority topics for GRPE activities

63. The Chair introduced GRPE-82-06-Rev.1 as the revised GRPE priority list including the latest progress made during this session. In particular, the Chair congratulated GRPE and all the stakeholders involved for the early delivery of the 07 series of amendments to UN Regulation No. 49. GRPE agreed to provide a clean version of GRPE-82-06-Rev.1 to WP.29/AC.2, when requested.

64. The representative from OICA wondered if hydrogen propulsion for heavy duty applications (whether using fuel cells or internal combustion engines) was to be included in the list of priorities with hydrogen likely to play a role in the future of transportation energy supply. He added a performance standard might be needed soon.

65. The Chair agreed that there are numerous white spots in heavy duty alternative powertrain types legislation on topics related to energy consumption and emissions. The representative from the Netherlands for example raised the quickly-emerging need for a procedure to determine range of battery electric heavy duty vehicles for eligibility criteria for financial subsidies decided by some governments. The representative from OICA also highlighted power determination procedures could be needed as powertrain concepts often differs from the existing ones.

66. The representative from EC proposed to organize a dedicated workshop on upcoming legislative needs for future heavy duty powertrains. The representative from OICA supported the idea and stood ready to co-organize such workshop with the assistance and support from the secretariat.

67. GRPE welcomed the initiative and agreed to organize such workshop as part of the next GRPE session in June 2021.

68. The representative from OICA introduced GRPE-82-16 on potential issues that might arise on the applicability and interlinkages between UN Regulations Nos. 83, 154 and [XXX] on RDE. The representative from EC thanked OICA for raising the issue and reiterated their intention to address the issues and how to deal with in-service conformity test in the various documents. She welcomed and encouraged the implication and assistance from all stakeholders to find a clever way to propose a solution to GRPE by the next session of GRPE.

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