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Proposal for the GRSP list of priorities
Document GRSP-67-15
17 July 2020

Proposals for “tasks and deliverables” with regard to enhanced child restraint systems and alternative seating configurations enabled by automated driving.

Submitted by CLEPA
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
17. (c) | List of priority work of GRSP

34. GRSP noted a revised list of priorities (GRSP-67-06) of the activities presented to the March and June sessions of the Administrative Committee for the Coordination of Work (WP.29/AC.2). Referring to the realignment of WP.29 activities on autonomous vehicles and to the framework document ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2019/34/Rev.2 (see paragraph 28 above), the expert from the United States of America explained that the original list of priorities had been reshuffled (GRSP-66-39-Rev.5). However, he added that a further prioritization would be needed to identify three main priorities mainly stemming from the framework document. GRSP considered the suggestion from the expert from CLEPA (GRSP-67-15) which identified three main priorities that were integrated in GRSP-67-06-Rev.1: crashworthiness, occupant protection and electric vehicle safety. GRSP also noted that the previous list of ongoing activities on items of high-interest to contracting parties remains valid. Therefore, GRSP adopted GRSP-67-06-Rev.1 as a live document for revision at its December 2020 session.

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