UN Consolidated Resolution R.E.3 Proposal for amendment
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The text prepared by the expert from Egypt to amend Consolidated Resolution R.E.3.

Reference Number: GRSG/2020/14
Origin: Egypt
Date: 20 January 2020
Proposal Status: Formal GR review
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Working Party on General Safety | Session 118 | 15-17 Jul

52. On behalf of the expert from Egypt, the secretariat introduced document ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/2020/14, the proposal for amendments to the Consolidated Resolution R.E.3.

53. The Chair of GRSG requested the addition of Pakistan to the list of Contracting Parties to the 1958 Agreement, along with their distinguishing number.

54. The expert of Japan recommended the deletion of paragraph 2.10. on page 14, with support from Germany and Netherlands.

55. The expert from OICA supported the request of Japan, recommended the deletion of paragraph 1.14. on page 6, and requested guidance of GRVA concerning the content of paragraph 1.17. on page 6.

56. The expert from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland commented on the removal of the year designating ISO Standards listed in paragraphs, recommending that the year be kept, or updated to reflect the latest version of the ISO Standard.

57. GRSG decided to keep document ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/2020/14, on amendments to the Consolidated Resolution on the construction of vehicles (R.E.3), on the agenda of the October meeting of the group, pending further consultations on its content in the meantime. The Chair of GRSG expressed that he looked forward to the participation of the expert from Egypt at the next session of the group, and to the presentation of potential updates to the document under consideration.