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Working Document GRBP/2019/18

Document Title UN R106: Proposal for amendment
Reference Number GRBP/2019/18
Origin ETRTO
Document Date 21 June 2019
Document Posted 4 July 2019
Meeting Session(s)

Proposal to:

  1. include the load variation with speed for IF and VF tyres in Table A of Annex 7
  2. introduce a new paragraph (2.18.13) and amend paragraph 3.1.9.and Annex 3,part D to reconcile contradictions
  3. clarify Annex 6 “Test method for measuring tyre dimensions” via references to other provisions
  4. Correct example in Annex 3, part C by introducing the dimension “b” for the tyre size designation, and
  5. Modify inflation pressure markings.

Document Status Superseded
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