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Tampering with Emission Control Systems
Document GRPE-78-04
8 January 2019
Submitted by CITA
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4. (a) | Heavy duty vehicles: Regulations Nos. 49 and 132

26. The expert from CITA introduced GRPE-78-04 detailing some methods to manipulate emission control devices in light and heavy-duty vehicles. He called for further actions within GRPE to prevent manipulations of emission control systems. The Chair highlighted that GRPE would be the appropriate body to tackle those issues but also recognized the important role that IWG on Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI) had to make proposals to address the issues highlighted by the representative from CITA.

27. The expert from Austria supported the findings and the position from the expert from CITA. He shared the view that Type Approval (TA) and PTI are strongly connected and that activities to better link those two should start as soon as possible. The expert from Poland agreed that most air pollution was from older vehicles, and that fleet renewal must be accelerated. He acknowledged that PTI cannot capture all tampering as it stood, and that a more systematic use of Mini Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) might have helped solve the issue. The expert from OICA called for a holistic approach, that includes individual behavioural aspects to tampering.

28. The representative from EC stated that she was well aware of the issue and highlighted the fact that PTI tests had historically been developed elsewhere and included in TA legislation as Type II tests, as it required a simple and cheap test procedure. The secretariat reminded that all parties, including NGOs were allowed to submit proposals under the 1958 Agreement.

29. The Chair recalled that the mandate of GRPE also include legal provisions for the whole life of the vehicle and called for discussions on improvements to the PTI test to take place in the forthcoming sessions of GRPE.

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