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RDE: OICA comments on draft terms of reference
Document GRPE-77-27
7 June 2018
Submitted by OICA
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3. (c) | Light vehicles: Worldwide harmonized Real Driving Emissions test procedure

22. The expert from the European Commission advocated for a UN GTR on Real Driving Emissions (RDE) (GRPE-77-30). She briefly introduced draft Terms of References (ToR) that would guide the work of the forthcoming IWG on RDE (GRPE-77-15).

23. The expert from the United States of America showed interest and tentatively supported this nascent activity. He expressed the need to gain expertise, he showed understanding to the EC position but highlighted the need to accommodate regional specificities. He recognized the timeline detailed in the draft ToR to be very ambitious and requested time to study the draft ToRs presented for the first time at this session.

24. The expert of Canada also declared an interest in the work on RDE. He highlighted potential difficulties that the group could face trying to determine a globally harmonized stringency level for RDE.

25. The expert from India also supported this work and vowed to determine a list of parameters to be harmonized. He also stated that the timeline should allow enough flexibility for all CPs to contribute.

26. The expert from China informed that China includes RDE in the latest China 6 standard since the end of 2016. He stated China performed continuous improvements to the RDE regulatory texts and would therefore be interested to participate in the activities of the IWG on RDE.

27. The expert of EC heard the concerns about the timeline that could be adapted at the first meeting of the IWG on RDE. She invited all interested parties that would be interested to participate to the IWG on RDE, subject to AC.3 consent, to send an email to

28. GRPE supported the idea of activities on RDE and the draft ToRs.

29. The expert from OICA informed on the support to this work and would identify the best candidate to act as secretary to the IWG on RDE. He also expressed concerns about the ambitious timeline (GRPE-77-27).

30. The experts from Japan and the Republic of Korea reiterated their support and interest to be Vice-Chairs to the activity.

31. The Chair of GRPE stated that RDE activities were an important step towards more consistent approaches to ensure low levels of tailpipe emissions under a wide range of operating conditions and congratulated the large number of CPs that showed interest in the topic.

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