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Working Document WP.29/2018/47

Document Title UN R49: Proposal for Supplement 6 to the 06 series of amendments
UN R49 | 06 series of amendments | Supplement 6
Reference Number WP.29/2018/47
Document Date 5 April 2018
Document Posted 13 April 2018
Meeting Session(s)

Proposal to improve the Engine Control Unit (ECU) torque signal validation requirement in the 06 series of amendments to R49 with regard to dual-fuel or flex-fuel vehicles. Under the regulation, the ECU torque information can be calibrated only to one fuel’s heat value (usually the basic reference fuel) even though the heat value of the alternative fuel is different. In order to increase the accuracy of the torque values used for calculating the emission results during in-service conformity testing, OICA proposes to change the provisions to either:

  1. Demonstrate that both fuels comply because the ODB system is able to detect the fuel used, or
  2. Determine the torque deviation caused by the alternative fuel heat value compared to the standard fuel and apply this correction factor to calculate a more accurate power signal for the emission calculation.

Document Status Adopted text published
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