UN R129: Proposal for Supplement 1 to the 03 series of amendments
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Proposal from Spain on behalf of the Technical Services Group (TSG) on UN R129 to restrict iSize booster seats (Non-integral Enhanced Child Restraint Systems) to occupants with a maximum stature of 135 cm in order to satisfy the plug and play principle. Presently, UN R129 would allow for approval of such CRS for chiildren up to 150 cm.

Reference Number: GRSP/2018/18
Origin: Spain
Date: 1 March 2018
Proposal Status: Formal GR review
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GRSP-63-28 | UN R129: CLEPA responses to documents GRSP/2018/17-18 regarding approval categories and stature limits for booster seats
Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 63 | 14-18 May 2018

32. The expert from Spain introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2018/17 and ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2018/18 which clarify that an i-Size booster seat (Non-Integral Enhanced Child Restraint System) can accommodate children with a maximum stature of 135 cm. The expert from CLEPA introduced GRSP-63-28, explaining that the current text of the UN Regulation is consistent with the approach for backrest angle and that an adjustment for over 135 was a “comfort feature”. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on this subject on the basis of revised proposals.