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Proposal for amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64
Document GRRF-86-04
31 January 2018

Discussion of run-flat tyres and extended mobility tyres (EMT) in support of a general proposal to establish approval procedures for EMT under UN R30 and include EMT as “emergency mobility equipment” under UN R64. The proposal makes reference to recent activity on ISO 16992 regarding EMT test protocols.

Submitted by ETRTO
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28. The expert from ETRTO proposed amendments to UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64 which introduce provisions related to extended mobility tyres (EMT) (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2018/6, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRVA/2018/7 and GRB-68-14). He pointed out that EMT were already available on the market and needed to be regulated. The experts from Germany, Italy and Japan supported the proposals. The experts from France, Netherlands and Switzerland posed questions. The expert from UK requested data on the availability of EMT on the market. GRB was of the view that Contracting Parties needed more time to study the proposals and decided to defer this item to the next session. Meanwhile, GRB experts were invited to study the proposals and send their remarks to ETRTO.

7. (b) | Tyres: Regulation No. 30

29. The expert from ETRTO presented GRRF-86-04, introducing GRRF-86-05, and announcing the intention of ETRTO to propose provisions for extended mobility tyres in UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64, on the basis of initial work done by the tyre industry at the International Standardization Organization (ISO). GRRF noted the reference to ISO documentation and invited the expert from ETRTO to prepare a more detailed proposal for consideration at the next GRRF session, both concerning UN Regulations Nos. 30 and 64.

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