Study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles: progress and CBA results
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Reference Number: GRB-67-13
Origin: EC, EMISIA, TNO, and Ricardo
Date: 24 January 2018
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GRB-67-16/Rev.1 | IMMA comments on the EC Euro 5 L-Category vehicle sound level study
Working Party on Noise | Session 67 | 24-26 Jan 2018

4. The expert from EC reported on the progress of the study on Euro 5 sound level limits of L-category vehicles (GRB-67-13), including a cost-benefit analysis (CBA). According to him, the study identified a potential for reducing sound limits of L-category vehicles. The expert of IMMA was of the view that the study did not properly address a wide variety of vehicles and that lowering the sound limits for type approval would not solve the main issue: single vehicles creating a high noise level (GRB-67-16-Rev.1).

5. The experts from Germany, Netherlands and Spain posed questions about the study assumptions and pointed out that the proposed policy measures would not tackle illegal aftermarket products (silencers) that were the heart of the problem. The Chair invited EC to take into consideration the comments received and to work closely with Contracting Parties, IMMA and other stakeholders with a view to proposing tangible solutions.

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