Problems with noise emissions of L-category vehicles
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Presentation in support of Germany’s proposal for amendments to UN R92 on non-original replacement exhaust silencing systems.

Reference Number: GRB-67-03
Origin: Germany
Date: 15 January 2018
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GRB-67-02 | UN R92: Proposal for a Supplement 3 to the 01 series
Working Party on Noise | Session 67 | 24-26 Jan 2018

29. The expert from Germany presented an overview of issues with noise emissions of non-original replacement exhaust silencer systems (NORESS) for L-category vehicles (GRB-67-03), as well as a possible solution in the form of a Supplement 3 to the 01 series to UN Regulation No. 92 (GRB-67-02). Following a brief exchange of views, GRB generally supported the approach and agreed that the proposed modifications should become a new series of amendments. GRB experts were invited to transmit their comments, if any, directly to the expert of Germany, so that he would be able to submit an official document for consideration at the next session.