UN R83: Proposal for amendments to the 06 and 07 series of amendments
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Proposal of amendments to:

  1. align the definitions for bi-fuel vehicles align with the new definitions in UN GTR 15,
  2. amend paragraph to recognize that particulate pollutant emissions measurements are no longer limited to compression ignition vehicles,
  3. amend paragraph of Annex 7 to correct a typographical error,
  4. amend paragraph 3.2.1.of Annex 8 to correct an error originating with UN R83 Revision 3 (2005),
  5. amend paragraph to correct a cross-reference error introduced in Amendment 1 (reference should read para. rather than and should refer to the “annex” rather than the “appendix”.

Reference Number: GRPE-76-32
Origin: EC
Date: 11 January 2018
Proposal Status: Superseded
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Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 76 | 9-12 Jan 2018

11. The expert from EC presented GRPE-76-32 proposing to amend the definitions for bi-fuel vehicles and align these definitions with those in UN Global Technical Regulation (UN GTR) No. 15. GRPE supported the intention of the proposal.

12. GRPE agreed to reconsider at the June 2018 session GRPE-76-03, GRPE-76-04 and GRPE-76-32. GRPE requested the experts from OICA and EC to combine the documents in one formal document.