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Proposal for amendments to Schedule 4 of Revision 3 of the 1958 Agreement
Document GRRF-84-18
15 September 2017

Proposal to add a tyre example regarding approval numbering in order to account for requirements under certain tyre regulations where the number of digits of some sections in the approval number may be amended.

Submitted by ETRTO
Status: Informal GR review
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10. (b) | International Whole Vehicle Type Approval: Other business

57. The secretariat introduced the ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2017/54, ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2017/55 and ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2017/109. The expert from ETRTO introduced GRRF-84-18 on schedule 4 of Revision 3 to the 1958 Agreement. GRRF raised concerns, in particular, on the defined approval number format prescribed in Schedule 4.

2.1. | Report of the session of the Administrative Committee for the Coordination of Work (WP.29/AC.2)
4.1. | Status of the Agreement and of the annexed Regulations
4.4. | Consideration of and vote on draft Revision 3 to the 1958 Agreement

48. The World Forum noted the final version ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2016/2 of draft Revision 3 to the 1958 Agreement, including the comments received by Ukraine and the four-fifth voting majority threshold as agreed upon by WP.29 at its previous session.

49. The representative of EU informed WP.29 delegates that the document had already received positive feedback from the European Council and that EU Member States were currently in the process of consultation for consent on draft Revision 3 at the level of the European Parliament. He announced that he would provide more detailed information on a possible common position at the next sessions of WP.29.

50. The representative of Germany recalled his position at the recent meeting of the IWG on IWVTA and clarified that his Government had not been in the position to support that document. He expressed their preference to strengthen, due the recent incidents of non-compliant vehicles and approvals, the provisions of the type approval procedure to avoid possible future conflicts. He added that Germany had nevertheless to follow the EU decision as a result of the qualified majority voting in favour of draft Revision 3 as reproduced in ECE/TRANS/WP.29/2016/2.

51. The Representative of the Russian Federation informed WP.29 that from 1 January 2016 the Eurasian Economic Union used a system of the vehicle type approval for all categories and plans to start development of an electronic database.

52. The World Forum agreed to resume consideration on this subject at its forthcoming session in June 2016.

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