Manipulations on EURO V and VI trucks by suppression of AdBlue injection: Detection of manipulated trucks
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Reference Number: WP.29-172-24
Origin: Switzerland
Date: 20 June 2017
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WP.29-172-28 | Manipulations on EURO V and VI trucks by suppression of AdBlue injection: Status report from Swiss heavy-duty truck controls
World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 172 | 20-23 Jun 2017

101. The representative of Switzerland presented WP.29-172-28 on manipulations on EURO V and VI trucks by aftermarket suppression of AdBlue injection. He explained that the Swiss authorities decided to act after some previous cases in other countries and that suspect vehicles are immobilized and inspected. He mentioned that 100 manipulated vehicles had been discovered nationwide since February 2017 (about 1 per cent detection rate). He clarified that only manipulated EURO V vehicles had been identified and no manipulated EURO VI vehicles had been detected so far due to the lack of access to the emission control software. He invited Contracting Parties to address the five questions in WP.29-172-28 in order to exchange information on manipulation detection methods and enforcement strategies. He introduced WP.29-172-24 to show how manipulated trucks were detected. He referred to WP.29-172-25 and WP.29-172-26 for information sharing.

102. The representatives of EU, Finland, UK and USA reported on related activities in their respective countries/regions and expressed their willingness to cooperate by sharing information and discussing best enforcement strategies over vehicle life.

103. The representative of the Russian Federation highlighted the relevance of this issue and encouraged the development of recommendations by the IWG on PTI. The representative of CITA underlined the need of consistency between the different regulatory instruments for vehicle approval, PTI and technical roadside inspections covering the whole vehicle life.

104. The Chair of WP.29 invited stakeholders to take contact with the Swiss delegation to contribute to the discussion and invited the Swiss delegation to give an update at the next WP.29 session in November 2017. WP.29 agreed to send WP.29-172-28 to the IWG on PTI for further consideration.