Proposal for Supplement 8 to the 07 series of amendments to Regulation No. 14
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Proposal to align UN R14 with recent changes to UN R16 on occupant restraint systems. Two “Booster Seat” fixtures (ISO/B2 and ISO/B3) were added to UN R16 to coincide with the implementation of Phase 2 of UN R129 (enhanced child restraint systems). These fixtures were developed within ISO/TC 22/SC 36/WG 2 (Child Restraint Systems) and follow the principle already established in Regulations 16 and 129 to ensure child restraint to car compatibility. An additional “Reduced-Size Rearward Facing toddler CRS” fixture (ISO/R2x) was added to facilitate compatibility in small cars/seating positions. The ISO/B2 booster seat fixture was added in the i-Size concept. Lateral facing fixtures (ISO/L1 and ISO/L2) have been upgraded.

Reference Number: WP.29/2017/58
Date: 5 April 2017
Proposal Status: Adopted
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