Additional explanations for GRE/2016/35 (Use of motorcycle DRL at night)
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Reference Number: GRE-77-19
Origin: Japan
Date: 31 March 2017
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GRE/2016/35 | Proposal for the 03 series of amendments to Regulation No. 53
Working Party on Lighting and Light-signalling | Session 77 | 4-7 Apr 2017

24. The expert from Japan provided additional explanations to their proposals for the 03 series of amendments to Regulation No. 53 regarding a new requirement for automatic switching from DRL to the headlamp (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRE/2016/35 and GRE-77-19). The experts from India and Italy commented on the proposals (GRE-77-09 and GRE-77-17).

25. The experts from Italy, Netherlands and IMMA requested more time to study the proposals and comments. The expert from EC recalled that this matter had already been considered at three consecutive sessions of GRE without a conclusion. He called for the establishment of a task force to tackle the issue. The experts from Japan, India, Italy, Netherlands and IMMA expressed their willingness to participate in the task force. GRE hoped that it would be able to finalize the consideration of the proposals at the next session without establishing a task force. To this end, the Chair urged all experts to study the proposals and provide their comments prior to the next session.