Amendment proposals for Regulation No. 92
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Reference Number: GRB-63-09
Origin: EC
Date: 16 February 2016
Proposal Status: Superseded
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GRB/2016/5 | Proposal for a Supplement to Regulation No. 92
Working Party on Noise | Session 63 | 16-18 Feb 2016

13. The expert from EC informed GRB about a study on how to enhance the sound test requirements for mopeds, three-wheeled vehicles in Regulations Nos. 9, 63 and replacement exhaust silencing systems for L categories (L1 to L5) in Regulations Nos. 92 before the European Union (EU) could accept these Regulations (GRB-63-18). This study included public consultations and had been launched in response to frequent requests by citizens to improve the sound level of mopeds and three-wheeled vehicles as well as of replacement silencers for all L-category vehicles. On a similar note, the expert from EC reported about the ongoing public consultations on the EU Environmental Noise Directive1 (GRB-63-18-Add.1).

14. Based on the outcome of the study, the expert from EC proposed a set of collective amendments to Regulations Nos. 9, 63 and 92 (GRB-63-03, GRB-63-05, GRB-63-07, GRB-63-08, GRB-63-09). The experts from France, Germany, IMMA and OICA delivered a number of remarks on these documents. GRB invited all experts to transmit their written comments, if any, to the expert from EC. Finally, GRB decided to continue consideration of these amendment proposals at its next session based on official documents to be submitted by the expert from EC.

20. GRB recalled the WP.29 request to introduce, in the medium term, an alternative acronym for “Replacement Exhaust Silencing System” (RESS) in Regulation No. 92 (WP.29-165-16). As a replacement, the experts from IMMA and OICA proposed a new term “Non-Original Replacement Exhaust Silencing System” (NORESS). GRB preliminary agreed with this proposal and noted that it was already used in the amendment proposal for Regulation No. 92 (GRB-63-09).