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Simplification of child restraint systems information in the vehicle manual
Document GRSP-58-33
9 December 2015
Submitted by OICA
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Previous Documents, Discussions, and Outcomes
10. | UN Regulation No. 16

20. The expert from the Netherlands introduced ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2015/21, aimed at better clarifying the availability of space for CRS installation. He suggested that a clear classification and schematic ranking of CRS be discussed within the IWG. The expert from OICA made a presentation (GRSP-58-33) to introduce a proposal of amendments (GRSP-58-15-Rev.1) that simplify information for consumers in the owner’s manual. He reminded GRSP that i-Size was conceived to completely eliminate the need for vehicle handbook instructions since all positions were marked. Specifically, he proposed to define two types of information: (i) customer needs and (ii) CRS manufacturers when type approving their systems. The proposal received comments addressing transitional provisions and the possibility of removing them from the proposal.

21. GRSP agreed to resume discussion on ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2015/21 and on GRSP-58-15-Rev.1, pending possible revision by the IWG at its May 2016 session.

20. | Collective amendments to Regulations Nos. 14 and 16
21. | Collective amendments to Regulations Nos. 16, 44, 94 and 129
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