Vehicle Automation
Related Groups
ACSF Automatically Commanded Steering Functions 2020
AEBS Automatic Emergency Braking for Category M1/N1 Vehicles 2021
AEBS-HDV Heavy Duty Vehicle Advanced Emergency Braking Systems Special Interest Group 2022
AEBS/LDWS Informal Group on Advanced Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning Systems 2013
AVRS GRSG Automated Vehicles Regulatory Screening 2023
AVSR Task Force on Autonomous Vehicle Signalling Requirements 2023
Ad Hoc AEBS Ad Hoc Group on Heavy Vehicle AEBS 2018
EDR-DSSAD Event Data Recorders and Data Storage Systems for Automated Driving 2023
EDRAA EDR Acceleration Accuracy Subgroup 2022
EDRD EDR Subgroup Task Force on Definitions 2020
EDRDE Task Force on EDR Data Elements 2023
EDROW EDR Subgroup Task Force on Data Overwriting 2020
FADS Task Force on the Fitness of GRVA Regulations for Application to ADS Vehicles 2024
FRAV Functional Requirements for Automated Vehicles 2023
FRAV-VMAD FRAV-VMAD Integration 2023
GRRF Working Party on Brakes and Running Gear 2018
GRSG Working Party on General Safety 2024
GRVA Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles 2024
ITS Intelligent Transport Systems 2014
ITS/AD Intelligent Transport Systems-Automated Driving 2018
ITS/AD-AH ITS Automated Driving Ad Hoc Group 2017
ITS3 Intelligent Transport Systems Phase 3 2023
PTI Periodical Technical Inspections 2023
PTI-WLC PTI subgroup on Whole Life Vehicle Compliance 2021
SG-EDR EDR/DSSAD Subgroup on EDR 2023
TFAV Task Force on Automated Vehicle Testing 2018
TFAV-SG1 TFAV Subgroup on Physical Certification Tests & Audit 2018
TFAV-SG2 TFAV Subgroup on Real World Test Drive 2018
TFCS UN Task Force on Cybersecurity and Software Updates 2024
TFCS-TPCM CS/OTA Test Phase Coordination 2019
TFCS-ahM TFCS Ad Hoc Group on Cybersecurity Threat Mitigation 2017
TFCS-ahMP UN Task Force on Cyber security and OTA issues ad hoc Mitigations Paper group 2017
TFCS-ahRCS TFCS ad hoc group for Recommendation on Cyber Security 2018
TFCS-ahRSU TFCS ad hoc group for Recommendation on Software Updates 2017
TFCS-ahSU TFCS Ad Hoc Group on Software Updates 2017
TFCS-ahT TFCS Ad Hoc Group on Cybersecurity Threats 2017
UNR157 Special Interest Group on UN R157 2022
VMAD Validation Methods for Automated Driving 2023
VMAD-SG1 VMAD Subgroup 1 on Scenarios 2023
VMAD-SG2 VMAD Subgroup 2 on Virtual Testing 2022
VMAD-SG3 VMAD Subgroup 3 on Audit and In-Service Performance 2023
VMAD-SG4 VMAD Subgroup 4 on Track and Real-World Testing 2023
WP.29 World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations 2024