Session 11 | Web conference | 27 Sep-1 Oct 2021
Agenda Item 4. (e) Other business

GRVA may wish to consider any other proposal, if available.

Working Party on Automated and Connected Vehicles | Session 11 | 27 Sep-1 Oct 2021

34. The expert from ISO introduced GRVA-11-36, providing an update on the activities of ISO on the Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF). He recalled the purpose of these activities, he explained the status of the standard drafting, completing ISO 26262 on functional safety. He detailed how the SOTIF standard currently being develop could support automated vehicles regulations.

GRVA-11-04 | Copy of ISO/DIS 21448:2021 provided by the ISO secretariat (pwd protected) (ISO)
GRVA-11-13 | ISO PAS 8800 Road Vehicles – Safety and Artificial Intelligence (ISO)
GRVA-11-14 | ISO TS 5083 Road Vehicles -Safety for automated driving systems - design verification and validation (ISO)
GRVA-11-34 | Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets (Self-Driving Coalition)
GRVA-11-36 | Safety of the Intended Functionality: Report on ISO/TC22/SC32/WG8 activities (ISO)