This agenda item relates to UN R116 Anti-theft and Alarm Systems.

52. The expert from OICA presented GRSG-117-31 amending ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSG/2019/07 to amend the definition of keys that take account of innovative vehicle alarms systems, such as silent alarm or door-unlocking using smart phone. GRSG agreed that further work was needed and to this end considered establishment of a task force. Experts of France, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom showed interest in this work.

53. The expert from OICA presented GRSG-117-29 providing an overview of the splitting of UN Regulation No. 116 into three new regulations on (i) anti-theft and alarm systems, (ii) on devices against unauthorized use and (iii) on approvals of immobilizers and vehicle with regards to its immobilizer.

54. GRSG agreed to resume consideration on this item at its next session in March 2020.