Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 64 | 11-14 Dec 2018
Agenda Item 3. (b)
UN Global Technical Regulation No. 9: Proposal for Amendment 3

8. The expert from the United States of America, informed GRSP that his administration had previously planned to issue a Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (NPRM) to adopt Phase 1 of GTR No. 9. However, he added that given higher priorities, the NPRM would be published in a foreseeable future. The expert from OICA expressed his intention to continue to work on harmonizing UN GTR No. 9 with UN Regulation No. 127 which had already incorporated the proposed amendment. He suggested that at the March 2019 session of the Executive Committee of the 1998 Agreement (AC.3), the Chair of GRSP could explain the current situation and explore the possibility that the amendment to the UN GTR can be submitted for vote by AC.3. The Chair of GRSP confirmed that this subject would be mentioned during his highlights of GRSP December 2018 session and that possible solutions would be explored.

GRSP-64-36 Status Report of the Deployable Pedestrian Protection Systems informal group (IWG-DPPS) (Korea)
GRSP/2014/5 Proposal for amendment to draft Phase 2 to global technical regulation No. 9 (Pedestrian safety) (EC)