Session 81 | Geneva | 1-5 Feb 2016
Agenda Item 12. Exchange of view on innovations and relevant national activities
This agenda item relates to Automated Driving and UN R79 Steering Equipment.

64. The expert from EC reported (GRRF-81-30) on Gear 2030, being a high level group consisting of the executives of the European automotive sector, relevant Ministers and Commissioners of the European Commission. He added that one of the goals of the group was to develop a roadmap for highly automated driving, within two years.

65. The expert from Japan informed on the activities in Japan concerning the establishment of a guideline for the so called “dead-man system” bringing automatically a vehicle to a stop, when there is no obvious driver engagement, as the country faced lately severe bus accidents related to drivers’ unconsciousness. He explained that the guideline would be aligned with the provisions defined by the IWG on ACSF on the Minimum Risk Manoeuvre.

GRRF-81-30 | The C-ITS deployment platform and the GEAR 2030 roadmap on highly automated vehicles (EC)