This agenda item relates to Automated Driving.

42. The secretariat referred to the status report (WP.29-167-04) of the secretariat on the UNECE activities on vehicle automation. The expert from IMMA stated that L-category vehicles should be taken into account at an early stage for road safety reasons. The expert from Germany noted the work done by the IWG on Automated Commanded Steering Function (ACSF) on L-category vehicles and invited the expert from IMMA to contribute to the activities of the IWG.

43. The expert from Japan informed GRRF about the G7 transport ministers’ activities. The first meeting dedicated to vehicle automation took place during the motor show in Frankfurt in September 2015. The declaration following this meeting stated the importance of the work done and to be done at WP.29 on vehicle automation. He reported about the working group of Sherpa’s that took place in Berlin (Germany) in January 2016, to manage the transition between Germany and Japan for the next G7 Transport Minister meeting in Karuizawa Town on 24-25 September 2016, which would be dedicated to Cyber Security and Privacy in the context of the transport and the automotive sector.

WP.29-167-04 | UN Economic Commission for Europe and automated vehicles