Session 6 | Seoul | 18-20 Nov 2014
Agenda Item 1. Welcome and Introductions

Welcoming remarks: Mr. Kowon Sokchang, Director General for Motor Vehicles Policy, Bureau of the Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of the Republic of Korea.

The delegation of European Union, on behalf of the IWG, showed its appreciation to Korean Government for their kind generosity and hospitality, as well as the facility and support during the meeting.

Self-introduction of participants (Ms. Chen of China assumed the role of the Chairman during the 6th IWG EVS meeting).

On Day 2 of the session, the Chairperson, Mr. Nguyen and other representatives joined the meeting by telephone.
Mr. Nguyen, in capacity of the official chairperson of this informal group expressed his appreciation for all the effort of participants and Ms.Chen for her good work assuming the chairmanship role. He also provided an update from previous WP.29 and GRSP sessions. He reminded again all participants to complete the “research outline table” by the end of this meeting to bring it up to date.

EVS-06-01 | Planning information for the 6th EVS informal group session