Session 55 | Geneva | 19-23 May 2014
Agenda Item 21. Proposal for a new Regulation on Frontal Impact
Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 54 | 17-20 Dec 2013

23. The expert from France, Chair of the IWG on frontal impact, introduced the status report of the group (GRSP-54-40). He informed GRSP that the IWG was ready to submit a proposal for the May 2014 session of GRSP and introduced a first draft for information only (GRSP-54-27). He clarified that the amendment would introduce: (i) a full-width frontal crash test against a rigid barrier at 50 km/h, (ii) a new biomechanical criteria for elderly people (65 years and older) and (iii) the 5th percentile female dummy. The expert from Japan made a presentation (GRSP-54-25) to show the influence of the diagonal safety-belt path to chest deflection and announced a proposal to address this issue in the framework of activities of the IWG. The expert from France confirmed the importance of the belt position for the thorax deflection and clarified that the current proposal of the IWG addressed both sexes, as well as covering the safety of younger occupants. Finally, GRSP unanimously agreed to resume consideration on this agenda item at its May 2014 session on the basis of a concrete proposal for a new UN Regulation instead of an amendment to UN Regulation No. 94, drafted by the IWG.

Working Party on Passive Safety | Session 55 | 19-23 May 2014

37. The expert from France, Chair of the FI IWG, introduced the status report of the group (GRSP-55-43) as well as the latest amendments (GRSP-55-20-Rev.1) to the official proposal (ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2014/10) of a new UN Regulation on frontal impact with focus on the restraint system. He added that the IWG focused on two possible scenarios for the threshold of front passenger’s thorax compression criteria:
(a) thorax compression criteria (Thcc) of ≤ 34 mm (considering the injury risk curve for the elderly 5th percentile female);
(b) Thcc ≤ 42 mm (considering the injury risk curve for the 5th percentile female).

38. He asked GRSP for guidance on choosing the scenario to be addressed by the draft UN Regulation. The expert from EC suggested that the first scenario complemented by an additional test (e.g. sled test) with a 95th percentile male dummy. However, the expert from France reminded GRSP that the proposal aimed to reduce the number of tests. The expert from OICA presented a recommendation (GRSP-55-42) for a Thcc ≤ 42 mm to address the 5th percentile female because a Thcc of ≤ 34 mm would only address a limited percentage of the population and because the test tool variations need to be taken into account. He remarked that the higher injury risk for elderly occupants would be considered by a reduced Thcc threshold of 42 mm for the 50th percentile male dummy Hybrid III as was also proposed for UN Regulation No. 94. GRSP finally agreed to resume consideration of this agenda item at its December 2014 session and requested its experts to provide clear guidance on the two above-mentioned scenarios. The secretariat was requested to distribute GRSP-55-20-Rev.1 with an official symbol at the next session of GRSP.

GRSP-55-20/Rev.1 | Proposal to amend the draft new regulation on frontal impact protection focused on occupant restraint systems
GRSP-55-42 | UN Frontal Impact Requirements: Consideration of elderly and female occupants (OICA)
GRSP-55-43 | Status report of the Informal Group on Frontal Impact Protection
GRSP/2014/10 | Draft new Regulation on the protection of the occupants in the event of a frontal collision with a focus on the restraint system