Session 7 | Beijing | 17-18 Oct 2013
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Agenda Item 1.
Welcome, Introductions, Agenda

1. Ms. Chen Chunmei, Co-Chair of the informal working group and host of the 7th EVE meeting, welcomed participants and introduced Mr. Qian Minghua, Director of Automobile Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China to provide opening remarks. Mr. Qian Minghua opening remarks, provided in Mandarin and translated in English by Ms. Chen Chunmei, highlighted the increased interest throughout the world for the development of electric vehicles. Mr. Qian Minghua further added that this interest was shared by China, which is in the process of developing and implementing several policies to encourage the deployment of electric vehicles. China believes the system of standards play an important role in the development of industry. China also began to establish conversion mechanisms with other countries and manufacturers, and trust the EVE working group will strengthen communications in the electric vehicle sector. The opening remarks were followed by a round table introduction and logistics for the two day meeting.

2. There were over 50 participants representing Contracting Parties, vehicle manufacturers and industry organizations from around the world. One industry representative participated to parts of the meeting by conference call.

3. The Agenda for the meeting (EVE-07-02-Rev.5e) was reviewed. No changes were made.

EVE-07-02/Rev.5 | Draft agenda for the 7th EVE informal group session