Agenda Item 3. (b) UN Global Technical Regulations Nos. 15 and 19
This agenda item relates to GTR No. 15 WLTP and GTR No. 19 Evaporative emissions.

GRPE may wish to consider proposals to amend UN GTRs Nos 15 or 19, if any.

Working Party on Pollution and Energy | Session 85 | 11-14 Jan

24. The representative from OICA introduced GRPE-85-21 and GRPE-85-22 proposing to amend Annex 13 (Low Temperature Test Procedure) of Amendment 6 to UN GTR No. 15 with respect to Pure EVs. The representative from the Netherlands asked the timeline for the proposed update to UN GTR No. 15., and the representative from the EC added that updating UN GTR No. 15 was not a high priority for them. He suggested to collect all the points to be included in a forthcoming Amendment 7 to UN GTR No. 15.

25. GRPE agreed to compile all potential improvements and amendments to UN GTR No. 15 before considering a new Amendment to UN GTR No. 15 at forthcoming sessions of GRPE.

GRPE-85-21 | GTR 15: Draft proposal to update Annex 13 (Low-Temperature Test Procedure) under Amendment 6 (OICA)
GRPE-85-22 | GTR 15: Explanation of proposals to amend Annex 13 (Low Temperature Test Procedure) (OICA)