World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations | Session 185 | 23-26 Nov 2021
Geneva hybrid session
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Agenda Item 19.1.
UN GTR No. 2 (Worldwide Motorcycle Emission Test Cycle (WMTC))

141. The representative of the EU informed AC.3 that IWG on EPPR had presented during the eighty-third session of GRPE an informal document containing Draft amendment 5 to UN GTR No. 2, containing expanded scope to include certain types of three-wheeled vehicles and propulsion units and fuel types, and harmonize some procedural aspects with UN GTR No. 15. A proposal for Amendment 5 to UN GTR No. 2 is expected for the June 2022 session of AC.3.

142. The Chair of GRPE sought some clarifications about the submission process and the possibility to submit to AC.3 a proposal for a UN GTR without the final status report, given time constraints to finalize the proposal before the next session of GRPE in January 2022.

143. The Secretariat confirmed a full package was required to ensure compliance with the transparency provisions set in the 1998 Agreement. The representative from the European Union noted the implications of a delayed submission.

144. The representative from IMMA, also as Secretary to IWG on EPPR, provided full support, underlying the efforts from the IWG to finalize the full package on time for timely consideration by AC.3.

145. The Chair of AC.3 acknowledged the work performed so far by all parties involved in the IWG on EPPR, noted the time constraints and invited the Chairs of GRPE and of the IWG on EPPR to find a solution for a potential consideration of the draft Amendment 5 to UN GTR No. 2 at the June 2022 session of AC.3.